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Breckenridge, TX

Attorney Providing Criminal Defense Services to the Breckenridge, TX Community

Breckenridge is a small city in Stephens County, Texas with a population of 5,780 and a total area of 4.2 square miles. The area first developed as a town along the Wichita Falls and Southern Railroad under the name of “Picketville” in 1854. It was the site of a major oil boom in the 1920s which grew its population fifty times over in less than five years. Today, however, Breckenridge is a low socio-economic area with a lackluster median home value of just $63,500. According to , it is one of the places with the lowest costs of living in the entire state of Texas. Current residents enjoy a quiet and friendly small town atmosphere, though the city’s crime rate leaves something to be desired, particularly with regards to drugs.

If you’ve gotten pulled over or busted in the Breckenridge, TX area and require the assistance of a professional DUI attorney, make the office of Lynn Ingalsbe, Criminal Defense Attorney your first call.

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Lynn Ingalsbe is the criminal defense lawyer in Breckenridge, TX to trust with fighting for your rights. As a member of the Big Country Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and a former county court judge, he is familiar with the inner workings of the Breckenridge court system. For more than fifty years, Attorney Ingalsbe has used his knowledge and experience to help those in his local community receive fair due process and secure their freedom. He specializes in DWI cases , as well as other drug and theft charges.

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